Amateur Radio and Ham-Spirit

I received my Swiss amateur radio license in December 1983 and was active until 1986 mainly on Oscar-10, 2m and 70cm E-Sporadic. After a 30 year break, I started again from scratch in March 2016.

Shack at home, remote DX-Station at 1'660m, portable QO-100 SAT-Station and all QSOs (12'000+), the 5-Band DXCC and the DXCC Challenge certificates has been made since March 2016.

We know there is no other service like ours. No fraternity on earth has the power & magic to bridge culture, nationality, distance and disparate interests like Amateur Radio does.

Amateur radio describes the use of radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, radio- and IT-Projects, private recreation, radiosport such as SOTA, digital-communication such as FT8, EME (Earth-Moon-Earth), contesting, and emergency communication.

National governments regulate technical and operational characteristics of transmissions and issue individual stations licenses with an identifying call sign such as HB9RYZ.

73 de HB9RYZ - Wolfgang

Equipment List

- ICOM IC-7700 HF 200W Transceiver
- ICOM SP-34 Speaker
- ICOM IC-9700 2m/70cm/23cm Transceiver mainly for QO-100 SAT Operation
- HPA-8000B-54 Hilberling 1kW Amplifier with ATU
- LP-100A Digital Power Meter for 54m Wire with Stockcorner JC-4s Tuner (10m to 160m)
- 49" Samsung Curved Display and two 27" EIZO High-Resolution Displays
- Audio-Switch Solution for all Transceivers and Receivers Behringer Control 2
- PE1CMO OSCAR-100 Duplex-Transverter (20cm/2m), 20 Watt for QO-100 Sat at JN47FE
- 10-Band EQ V7 for ICOM-IC 770, IC-9700 and Flex 6700 from UR6QW
- Modified Jabra Business wireless DECT Headset for the ICOM-Transceivers
- Microphone Switch ED 1A for all ICOM-Transceiver
- Kenwood SP-23 Speaker for ICOM ID-5100E
- ELAD TMate2 for use with Radio SDR Console (QO-100 and IC-7700)
- Heil HS-2 Hand PTT-Switch for IC-7700/IC-9700/Flex 6700
- Maestro Console for my Flex 6700
- Wolfwave DSP Advanced Audio Processor for the BOSE Headset
- Heil Pro Set 6 IC Headset for IC-9700, IC-7700
- Flexradio 6700 Limited Edition and number two on the Sherwood Engineering Receiver Test table
- Perseus SDR Receiver (USB) for SDR Radio Console/Server
- Micro KEYER II for IC-7700 and FT8
- YAESU G-5500DC AZ/EL Rotor for SAT and EME 2m/70cm Groundstation
- iPad 2 Mini for DX Propagation View
- Flexradio VFO Knob for Flex 6700
- JC-4s Atnenna Tuner Control Box with modified ELAD SDR TX Switch as Tuner-Protection
- LVB-Tracker for the YAESU G-5500DC Rotor
- Mac Mini (M1) with SmartSDR for MAC and SDR-Control for ICOM IC-9700

- Adam Hall PCL 10 Pro Power Conditioner for all 230V devices
- Digital Power and SWR Meter for 2m (DG-503)
- Digital Power and SWR Meter for 70cm (DG-503)
- S.A.T. Tracker Box to track all satellites (no need for a PC !)
- EA4TX ARS-USB Box for AZ/EL Rotator with Raspberry Pi
- Airspy Duo HF+ SDR Receiver with Spyserver Raspberry Pi4
- Heil BM-17 Headset for Flex Maestro Console
- Windows 11 SDR Server for DBX 286S for the RODE Broadcast Studio-MIC
- Rohde Studio Broadcast MIC
- W2IHY MIC Audio Switch iPlus for three Transceivers (ICOM and Flex)
- LPF-1 Low Pass Band Filter 1kW for 10m to 160m
- ELAD ASA16 Active Antenna Splitter for the Active Dipole from Stampfle
- Stockcorner Tuner JC-4s with 54m DX-Wire at home for 10m to 160m
- MFJ-1142 230V DC Line RFI Filter
- Choke 1116di for 10m to 160m
- HAM-Clock Raspberry Pi
- OpenwebRX, SDR Receiver running on a Raspberry Pi4
- Airspy HF+ Duo with Spyserver running on a Raspberry Pi4
- DX Engineering ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filters DXE-ISO-PLUS-10
- NPort 5210 Multiuser Serial-Port Server for Remote SPE Expert 1.3k Amplifier
- Stream Desk XL for Ham-Dashboard
- Diamond Chocke CMF-2000 for 10m to 160m (outdoor at JC-4s Tuner)
- ICOM IC-9700 for LEO-SAT and EME Groundstation (2m and 70cm Yagi)
- ICOM ID-5100E 2m/70cm Transceiver SM-20 Mic and Diamond X-50NA Antenna
- ICOM RC-28 VFO Knob for ICOM Transceiver and Flexradio with SmartSDR for MAC

Current Shack

  • Beobachter 14/2019 - Amateurfunk

    Die Stimmen im grossen Rauschen.

  • HBradio 2/2019 - Article about my OSCAR 100 Satellite Station

    QRV over the new OSCAR 100 Geo-Satellite

  • HBRadio 6/2016 - Article about my Inverted-V Antenna in German

    Home Made Inverted-V (G5RV) from August 2016 to August 2018. Article in the Swiss Amateur Radio Association Magazine 06/2016. The article is written in German.

  • HBRadio 4/2017 - Article about my Expedition at a Cargo-Ship and Cruise Ship in German

    Reiseberichte von den MM-Erfahurngen auf einem Frachtschiff (Cargo Ship) und Kreuzfahrtschiff (Cruise Ship). Article in the Swiss Amateur Radio Association Magazine 04/2017. The article is written in German.

  • QRV on Cargo-Ship SWISS ARTG GV 18.11.2017

    Vortrag zu den beiden kleinen Expeditionen auf einem Frachtschiff als Passagier von Italien nach Irland und auf einem MSC-Kreuzfahrtschiff von Hamburg nach Island.

more press and media here

Starting 1981 with CB-Radio
Oscar-100 portable Station with 35cm dish
Shack January 2021
KX2 on a Cargo Ship 2017
Shack 1984 - Oscar 10 Satellite Station
Shack Oct. 2018 - with the new Flexradio 6600M
Installation of the new AV-640 vertical Antenna at home (5. Sept. 2018)