OmniRig v2.1

I’m pleased to offer you my new OminiRig v2.1 development with the following

new features:
- Supports now up to four RIGs
- You can name the tabs of your RIGs with your own text
- The minimum polling interval is now 20ms instead of 100ms
- The GUI of the main Window is bigger to see all your four RIG-Tabs
- GUI in English and German

What is OmniRig v2.1?
With the new OmniRig v2.1 you are able to control up to 4 transceiver using the LOG-Program from Swisslog or a SDR receiver as panadapter with HDSDR for QO-100 or other use.

Important to know - The new OmniRig v2.1 is not compatible with the famous OmniRig v1.19/v1.20 from Alex! The new OmniRig v2.1works only with programs that have been developed for it, e.g.
Swisslog v5.99e (Dec. 2019) and HDSDR v2.80 (March 2020) or v2.81 Beta6 (June 2022). OmniRig v2.1 does not work with JTDX, WSJTX or other applications.

Where are the INI-Files for the Rig's stored?
Here are the location for the RIG INI-Files:

v1.19: c:\Program Files (X86)\Afreet\OmniRig\Rigs
v2.10: c:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\MultiRig\Rigs

Download the the latest RIG INI-Files from DXATLAS for all supported Transceivers:

Can you run Omnirig v1.19 and v2.1 at the same time at the same computer?
Yes, however, OmniRig v1.19 and OmniRig v2.1 can run on the same computer at the same time. So I'm using OmniRig v2.1 with HDSDR v2.8 and v2.81 for QO-100 with the IC-9700 and OmniRig v1.19 with my IC-7700 and Flex 6700 Transceiver in order to use Log4OM etc.
You have to start Omnirig v2.1 first and then Omnirig v1.19/v1.20 in order to have both Omnirig version running at the same time on the same PC !!

--> Download [11’342 KB] OmniRig v2.1

ICOM IC-9700
Download [8 KB] [IC-9700-DATA-RIT.ini] the modified IC-9700 INI-File in order to use your IC-9700 as an external Radio within SDR Radio Console v3.0.x. with additional RIT feature from DL3HM.

--> The IC-9700 "SAT-Mode" does not work yet with this INI-File. I'm happy to get support on this issue.