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Project Clean up my Shack (Sept. - Nov. 2017)

SDR-Play RSP1A as Pandapter for the IC-7700

Boni MagaLoop FX Active Antenna Test

Boni MagaLoop FX Active Antenna Test versus my Inverted-V Antenna (January 2018)
I made the tests at my home QTH to compare the signals with my current Inverted-V Antenna on top of my roof and the new Boni MegaLoop FX Active 80cm Loop on my balcony just 3 meters below the Inverted-V antenna.

Here are the audio files (13. Jan. 2018, 10:00UTC):
14.222 MHz - USB - 59 - CT1EHI - Loop
14.222 MHz - USB - 59+10 - CT1EHI - Inverted-V
14.222 MHz - USB - CT1EHI - Loop - Inverted-V - Loop

14.289 MHz - USB - 59+10 - LZ1833PSS - Inverted-V
14.289 MHz - USB - 59 - LZ1833PSS - Loop

7.131 MHz - LSB - 59+20 - DL8MLD/P - Inverted-V
7.131 MHz - LSB - 59 - DL8MLD/P - Loop

It seems that my Inverted-V Antenna is performing great compared to the Loop. I've got no advantage from the Loop in order to receive a stronger or a better signal with less noise.

ICOM SP-34 Speaker Upgrade

WebCam on the roof (Dec. 2017)

Flex 6600M

Flexradio FLEX-6600M
SmartSDR User Guide v2.1.30 - 29. January 2018


openSPOT Hotspot Mobile Solution

TYT MD-380G GPS DMR Digital Radio

BlueDV is a free software that runs NOT on the Raspberry Pi but on an iPhone or Android phone or tablet. The BlueDV app controls the Raspberry Pi & DVMega. The Raspberry Pi and the DVMega HF module are thus "dumb" and follow only the instructions, which come from the Handy / Tablet (BlueDV App). The overall intelligence / handling is in the BlueDV app, NOT on the Raspberry Pi. Thanks to HB9PJT for his support and patience to get started with my DMR-Radio and to David PA7LIM who made his BlueDV App available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc. BlueDV Hotspot with the iBlueStackMicro+ Board for iOS (US$ 149.-)

BlueDV Hotspot with iPhone 6S

Must have links:
- MD-380G Experimental Firmware v13.020 and Codeplug from SwissDMR.
- TYT MD380 GPS DMR Digital Radio with experimental firmware (German User-Manual by DG9VH)
- SharkRF openSPOT
- mini WiFi Router WiFi Router
- Brandmeister Network
- DMR Dashboard Germany
- TYT MD-380 Tools
- Codeplugs for Switzerland DMR-Zone
- DMR Tipps in German by OE7BSH
- MD-380G programming CPS Software
- MD-380G software tools by GB7FO
- MD-380G Contact-Manager by N0GSG

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